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The best time to start investing was years ago. The next best time is now.

The key to sustainable, long-term financial success lies in converting income into assets.

Xocky makes it incredibly simple to accumulate wealth for you and your children, through an investment portfolio that is future-focussed, tax effective and environmentally responsible.

Build a better future.

Automatic Micro-Investing

Set-and-forget investment in a diversified “Web 3.0” crypto portfolio including Ethereum, Cardano, Algo & Solana – from as little as $20 per month.

Build Your Wealth

Crypto/Blockchain is the most exciting, future-focussed asset class there is. Change your family’s future today.

Fast and Easy

Up and running in 90 seconds – investing for your kids has never been easier or more rewarding. All you need is your smart phone and Debit Card.

Safe and Secure

Invest with confidence. Bank-grade security ensures your crypto assets are protected against fraud and theft.

Investing In Blockchain Is For Everyone

Until now, Blockchain investors had to learn about exchanges, private keys, backup seeds, mining fees, cold storage, hot wallets, network protocols and more.

Xocky is a simple, set and forget solution to secure, manage and trade a portfolio of blockchain assets with no risk.

Each portfolio is composed of major, utility-focused blockchain platforms giving you instant diversification. You don’t have to worry about actively trading Crypto, researching companies or constantly managing your portfolio.

Getting Started.

Our goal is to make investing in Blockchain more affordable, intuitive, and fun, no matter how much experience you have (or don’t have).

  1. Fund. Set a recurring daily, weekly or monthly
 investment amount using your debit card.
  2. Select. Choose from a handful of curated cryptocurrency portfolios managed by industry experts and quantitative analysts. You can rebalance (or withdraw from) your portfolio at any time.
  3. Track and Top-Up. Monitor the growth of your Crypto assets. We’ll notify you of opportunities to maximise the growth of your portfolio and “buy the dips” with one-off lump sum investments.

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The Wait Is Finally Over

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